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Users of our system for tracking vehicles using the web or a mobile application can monitor their vehicles in real time
examine the movement history of each vehicle individually, view reports about progress, periods of downtime, speeding
routes of movement of vehicles or many other reports for the desired period of their own choosing.
That is very fast and easy access to data related to all vehicles in the system.


Route planning, details, time and distance to destination...



Distance covered report for all vehicles on monthly level.



History analyse anywhere on map.



POI displayed on map



All relations with distance, start/stop times, sppeds and address.



Working with large fleet with no problems



Add new POI and geo zones using address and tools you already know.



Report standing overtime with map position.



Some of the basic functionalities are displayed bellow.
All features are available regardless of fleet size.

Regional business? We can suppoprt you because our tracking system has no regional limitations.

Track on your mobile device too! Android, iOS, Windows platforms are supported.

Automatic generating and sending of configured reports lets you analyse fleet with minimum time spent.

Analyse vehicle history routes with status check.

Reports in various formats with addresses of stopping and events, with map view even in PDF reports.

Mark your POI and regions and be notified when they are visited out of your business rules.

Ready for test?

If this is interesting for you, but you simply want to check if GPS is really working or to see that our feature list is not fake
sign in to our web application and make sure that everything works perfectly.
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Optimized system

All advanced GPS options integrated

Fast integration

Simple and adjustable implementation

Our own product

Customize system flow to fit your requirements

New ideas

Always working on system improvements

Mobile application

Stay in touch! Track on mobile devices too

Always online

Write us for help and advices about your fleet


GPS tracking system includes several different services such as GPS - to determine the exact location, GPRS - for download data and Internet - to transfer data to the user. The vehicle is mounted appliances with part of GPS/GSM/GPRS module with the function of determining the exact positions. Devices with this module is the collection of all data (position, speed, direction of movement, the level of battery voltage, the state of the ignition switch, panic button, and various other sensors) and then transmits them through the GPRS network to a server where all information is processed and displayed to the user in the application.

Global Posiotioning System

Using GPS technology is widespread in many industries for a long time and proved to be extremely useful. The opportunities for monitoring vehicles came width the commercialization of this technology because it has a more positive impact on your business, such as direct savings, increased efficiency, preventive action in unwanted scenarios...

Savings and increased efficiency

GPS tracking will benefit companies that decide to implement it, because in addition to direct financial savings in fuel consumption and increase the efficiency of employees have additional benefits that are reflected by improving logistics and business process optimization.

SOLFAC GPS system is completely developed bu us

Just some of the reasons that indicate that you will not mistake if you trust us:

  • Because SOLFAC is made by people dedicated to the success and satisfaction of its clients
  • Because SOLFAC is able to offer services adjusted to your requirements
  • Because we upgrade system by your needs and requests
  • SOLFAC team is made ​​up of people with years of experience in the field of vehicle tracking
  • Because we are here to help and support over the phone, online and on the ground


GPS systems have not yet reached their peak in spite of constant development and improvement that takes years back. The development of GPS systems increasingly moving in the direction meeting the complex requirements specific to certain fields such as transport, taxi associations, courier services, field sales...
Also SOLFAC is able to develop a customized web services for data exchange with your ERP or other software solutions.

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